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Can you sue for employee theft if they were convicted in court?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2023 | Business Litigation |

Recovering after a relatively minor employee theft may not be a big problem for a thriving company. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to recover after losing business property worth hundreds of thousands or millions to employee embezzlement or theft.

You may trust the Massachusetts criminal court system to bring the other party to justice, but that does not mean you will get your property back. A civil lawsuit targeting the employee who stole from you may help you minimize your losses.

What are the possible advantages?

One obvious benefit is that you may recover your stolen property or its value. When millions are at stake, the possibility of recovery alone can be a powerful means of persuasion, but there are other possible benefits to consider.

  • You may obtain financial damages (above what was taken)
  • You can demonstrate to others that you cannot tolerate theft
  • You help to ensure the employee faces accountability for their actions

Contrary to belief, you can file a civil lawsuit even if the other party was convicted of the crime in criminal court.

What about the drawbacks?

Of course, there is no guarantee of success, but discussing your case with a representative can help you assess the strength of your claim. Here are a few potential risks you could face if you decide to sue.

  • You could spend substantial time and money
  • You might face negative publicity
  • You could win but be unable to collect on your judgment

Consider all your legal options if an employee steals valuable property from your business. With legal guidance, you can determine which option offers the best odds of success and poses the fewest risks.