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June 2019 Archives

Retaliation due to a protected activity is illegal

Employers can handle their employment practices in pretty much any manner they choose as long as they are within the confines of the law. One area that they must comply with strict regulations on is retaliation. No employer is legally able to allow retaliation in their company.

Child porn charges might lead to registering as a sex offender

The pull to view anything and everything on the internet is understandable. Computers, tablets and smartphones bring the entire world to us. While there are many good things that you can do on these devices, there are some that must be avoided at all costs. One of these is viewing child pornography. While you might think that there isn't anything wrong with it since it is readily available, just looking at child porn on the computer can lead to criminal charges.

If you agree, put it in writing

No matter the kind of business deal you want to make, you should create a contract between the involved parties. Among other things, you will want to establish the length of the contract, define any financial obligations and include terms of recourse if someone breaches that contract.

Child pornography: Beware of what you view online

You might think that you can look at whatever you want when you are on the internet. While there are many things that you can legally view while you are online, some are actually illegal despite their presence. This is the case for child pornography. It is fully illegal to view, possess or take lewd pictures of people who are under 18 years old. These activities are covered under federal and state laws.


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