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July 2019 Archives

You aren't anonymous on the internet, so use caution

As we recently discussed, internet sex activity might not always be as innocent as it seems. You have to think about how your activities are aligning with the laws. For example, there are strict laws against child pornography in this country, which means that viewing content that purports to fall under this category should be avoided. We know this is easier said than done, so there are some instances in which a defendant might face criminal charges for actions that they didn't think were illegal.

Internet activity isn't always as innocent as it may seem

The internet has opened up a world of possibilities for information and entertainment, but you shouldn't be careless when you are online just because things are available via your computer, tablet or smartphone. It is still possible to engage in illegal activities even when they are readily available.

Can using prescribed medical marijuana get you fired?

Can medical marijuana get you fired? This has been a question on the minds of almost all those who use prescription cannabis. If medical marijuana is legal in a state, most employees feel that they should have no problem consuming it, the same as they would prescription pills. Unfortunately, since marijuana levels can be difficult to detect in your system and the drug sticks around on urine tests for a longer length of time, it can be difficult to ascertain if an employee is under the influence of the medication while he or she is engaged in work activities. To add to the conundrum, medical marijuana is not legal under federal law, making court cases a little trickier than they may originally seem. 


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