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Crafting And Reviewing Noncompete Agreements

Noncompetition agreements are a delicate matter. While the intention is to preserve an employer’s confidentiality, they must also balance the employee’s autonomy.

Krasnoo, Klehm & Falkner LLP has helped employers and employees navigate through the unique problems that can arise from these agreements. With attention to detail and decades of practice, they are skilled in employment issues.

Addressing Noncompetition Clauses In Detail

The business and employment attorneys at Krasnoo, Klehm & Falkner LLP can assist with:

  • Drafting enforceable noncompetition agreements
  • Reviewing noncompete clauses in employment contracts
  • Resolving employment contract disputes
  • Litigating breach of noncompete agreement cases

Ultimately, most of these cases involve the enforceability of the agreement. If the noncompete agreement is unenforceable, the employee may have more freedom to do certain activities. In turn, the employer may risk yielding talent to their direct competitors.

Why Does A Noncompete Need To Be Enforceable?

Generally, enforceable noncompetition agreements must be:

  • Specific: Ambiguous terms may jeopardize the validity of the agreement. A strong noncompete should clearly specify the prohibited actions, the duration of restriction and the geographic area of restriction.
  • Reasonable: The employer cannot restrict a former employee’s actions for too long or in too broad of a geographic area. A court may find that unreasonable terms are unfair to the employee. A lawyer can advise regarding what is reasonable.

At Krasnoo, Klehm & Falkner LLP, their experienced lawyers recognize the qualities of an enforceable noncompete agreement. They can skillfully draft contracts that are effective and fair. Their trial attorneys can also challenge or support an existing agreement’s enforceability in court.

Get Informed Counsel For Your Contract-Related Needs

Whether you need to draft a contract or face a noncompete agreement violation lawsuit, Krasnoo, Klehm & Falkner LLP can help. Their lawyers can answer your questions.

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