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Attorneys at the Boston-area law firm of Krasnoo, Klehm & Falkner LLP have achieved a record of favorable results drafting appellate briefs and arguing appeals in courts throughout Massachusetts.

Attorneys at Krasnoo, Klehm & Falkner have argued cases in United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Appeals Court, and they have filed matters in the United States Supreme Court. They handle civil and criminal appeals related to a broad spectrum of legal matters. They also file motions for new trial, petitioning to have the cases heard a second time by the trial court, and file federal habeas corpus petitions.

As experienced appellate lawyers, they consult with clients on procedures and processes involved in the initial cases and review the trial transcripts for errors and omissions that could be actionable on appeal.

At times, it is possible to resolve matters using alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation instead of pursuing a full appeal. These courses of action are pursued as well, which helps clients resolve matters in a more timely and cost-effective manner.

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If you are considering an appeal, you should know that you have only a limited amount of time to take action. Otherwise, you could waive your right to appeal. Lawyers at Krasnoo, Klehm & Falkner LLP understand that timing is essential to a successful appeal, so they are often available — not just on weekdays, but on evenings and weekends as well — to take forceful and effective legal action and to give you individualized attention.

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