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Defending Juveniles Against Criminal Allegations

In youth, rebellious phases and mistakes are common and natural. Unfortunately, some children and teens are accused of making mistakes that could risk their freedom and their future.

Krasnoo, Klehm & Falkner LLP consists of lawyers who value protecting the rights of anyone facing criminal charges – including those under 18 years of age. The Andover law firm provides skilled criminal defense in cases for alleged juvenile delinquents and youthful offenders.

While the potential penalties of these cases are often less harsh for juveniles than for adults, their sentences can still carry major consequences. For this reason, the attorneys of Krasnoo, Klehm & Falkner LLP represent young clients with the same attentiveness and respect as with their adult clients.

Guiding Children And Teens Through Juvenile Delinquency Cases

The firm is ready to help minors and their parents navigate the formal processes for alleged delinquent acts, such as:

  • Pranks with harmful outcomes
  • Truancy or behavior problems at school that risk suspension
  • Underage drinking or drug use
  • Curfew violations
  • Minor shoplifting, theft or assault offenses

Representation For Minors Facing Serious Criminal Charges

Depending on the circumstances of the case, a teen might face a felony or other serious charges. This situation may introduce a threat of penalties at the adult level. Therefore, teens with youthful offender charges should consult an attorney as early in their case as possible.

Krasnoo, Klehm & Falkner LLP can examine the facts of the case to determine the most suitable course of action. As criminal defense lawyers who aim to preserve their clients’ civil rights, they know how to take steps to protect juveniles in the court system.

Review Your Juvenile Criminal Case With An Attorney

It is not safe to assume that the juvenile court will default to a simple sentence of community service or counseling. Secure representation from an attorney who will aggressively defend you or your child’s rights.

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