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Subtle signs your employer may be guilty of age discrimination

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2022 | Employment Law |

Few employers are daft enough to tell you that you are too old for the job to your face. Yet that may be exactly what they think.

Age discrimination continues to be a significant problem in workplaces across the country. Here are some signs that your employer could be treating you differently because you are older:

They pass you over for promotions

Have you noticed that your younger colleagues continually get chosen to climb the career ladder despite your evident superiority for the roles that come up?

An employer does not need to give you the promotion just because you have more experience than other candidates. They can consider many factors, such as how you relate to the rest of the team or clients. What they cannot do is turn you down because they want someone younger.

They make jokes about you

Yes, you are older. Yes, you might be going gray, need to use the bathroom more frequently or prefer a night in than a night in a club, but that does not give your employer or colleagues the right to make jokes about it.

They exclude you

If there is a company night out, you should be invited too. It’s up to you whether or not you want to go to play beer pong or a pool party, but people should not assume you are too old to want to go.

Age discrimination is illegal when applied to anyone over 40. If you feel your employer has subtly made it clear that they feel you are too old for the job, get help to understand if you could file a legal challenge.