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Accountability policies can help avoid wrongful discharge suits

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Employment Law |

Every employer hires staff with certain expectations about production targets, approach, behavior and other metrics. The company may also find it helpful to add accountability policies to an employee handbook or contract. A carefully worded and properly enforced accountability policy can help reduce the likelihood of a wrongful termination claim against the company.

What is an accountability policy?

Just as the name indicates, an official accountability policy enables managers and employers to establish specific and objective guidelines. If the worker does not meet the agreed-upon goals, the employer can then take actions outlined in the policy to address the issue. The employer should then include this information in the employee’s file.

For the policy to be effective:

  • The conditions and goals should be realistic and fair.
  • The employees should have multiple opportunities to improve their performance or correct mistakes.
  • The employer should provide additional training if employees do not initially meet their goals.

An accountability policy also offers clear data regarding how employees did or did not meet their goals and what the company did to encourage the employee’s success.

Provides a more complete picture

Accountability records can be as crucial as disciplinary records in defending a business against wrongful termination allegations. The clarity of these procedures also lets the employees know where they stand, which can go a long way towards establishing a reputation as a trusted and respected employer.