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Internet-based sexual crimes are prosecuted harshly

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Internet Sex Crimes |

People tend to feel almost invincible when they are online. Unfortunately, this can lead to them doing things that are uncharacteristic for them. This can include exploring sexual fantasies that they wouldn’t normally have any interest in. For example, a person might be curious about a specific demographic of people for the purpose of sexual pleasure.

When a person is accused of an internet sex crime, they might not have ever had physical contact with anyone. In fact, many offenders who have internet-based charges don’t have a history of related offenses. They might have been acting on a one-time only desire to see something or someone specific.

Despite the fact that people who have only online sexual crimes convictions have a low risk for sexual recidivism, there is a major push to crack down on these crimes. Some people understand this, especially when there is contact with a minor.

For example, some individuals might sext with people who are underage. There aren’t laws that prohibit adults from sexting; however, child pornography laws prohibit the exchange of sexually explicit photos of minors. This is true even if both parties are minors, and the person in the photo was the one who was sharing it.

People who are charged with an internet-based sex crime should review their options for a defense strategy. The circumstances of the case determine what possibilities exist. All defendants should remember that they must have a defense based on facts. These should call the claims of the prosecution into question so that you introduce doubt into the mind of the jurors on the panel.