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Sometimes attorneys reach a point in a complex legal matter in which a second opinion is needed. A second opinion can make all the difference. Partnering with lawyers and law firms, attorneys at the Andover, Massachusetts, law firm of Krasnoo, Klehm & Falkner LLP help lawyers strengthen the existing client relationships by accomplishing client goals and resolving matters effectively.

Attorneys at Krasnoo, Klehm & Falkner LLP offer experienced guidance through civil and criminal legal matters. In all, they have tried hundreds of cases. Their extensive level of experience leaves attorneys at the firm well prepared to handle even the most complex, high-level matters. Well-respected in the legal community, they have earned favorable reputations through years of hard work in courtrooms throughout Massachusetts.

James Krasnoo uses extensive knowledge and trial experience to help other lawyers and law firms achieve the best possible results for his clients. In addition to having practiced successfully for years, Jim teaches law at Suffolk University and is widely considered to be one of the top criminal defense and civil litigation attorneys in Essex County. Paul Klehm provides advice and strategy to firms with clients handling police misconduct/excessive force civil rights matters.

Whether you are seeking a law firm to answer a sensitive question, help you make a critical decision, draft a document or handle an entire legal matter, the lawyers at Krasnoo, Klehm & Falkner LLP are available to work with you on your terms.

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